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About Northwest Food Consultants


     Northwest Food Consultants, a consulting firm based in the Seattle area, offers a variety of services to the food and restaurant industries. Serving manufacturers, distributors, restaurants and other food service venues, Northwest Food Consultants can provide a wide breadth of expertise and results tailored to your specific needs.

     Services include—but are not limited to—the development and implementation of food safety programs, product development and formulation, labeling and nutritional statements, labor and process efficiencies, crisis and recall management, as well as customized training programs and food safety audits.

     Northwest Food Consultants will help clients save by reducing the need for additional long-term overhead, improving labor value, improving quality, and avoiding costly losses by improving food safety and ensuring compliance with government regulations. Prepare your business for growth without the burden of additional fixed costs.

     We provide extensive experience and expertise in FDA and USDA regulated facilities, HACCP food safety programs, “Lean” manufacturing techniques, product development, and product labeling. Please contact Northwest Food Consultants with any questions. We are flexible and committed to providing quality service customized to your specific needs and budget.



   Northwest Food Consultants is a leading consulting firm for delivering Lean implementation strategies to our clients. Our proven waste elimination and culture change methodologies have helped companies improve their operational effectiveness and get results. Our team-based approach to implementation ensures a transfer of ownership of the improvement process to our clients, enabling them to sustain the improvements gained.

     Northwest Food Consultants' goal is to provide leadership and training in all areas of  process and productivity improvement to our clients.


Northwest Food Consultants Mission Statement

     Northwest Food Consultants was founded on the premise of being a different kind of consulting firm. Wayne recognized the need to provide quality affordable services to northwest food companies, both large and small. His goal is to meet his client’s needs at whatever level they are operating. Each project is customized specifically to the client.

     The goal of Northwest Food Consultants is to provide 100% satisfaction to its clients. Our success is based on us providing solutions with measured results. We are not your normal consulting group.