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Lean for Measurable Performance Improvement

What is Lean?
Lean is an approach to reduce waste and streamline operations. Lean is based on the concept of continually increasing the proportion of value added activity to a business through ongoing waste elimination. A Lean approach provides companies with the tools to survive the demand for higher quality, faster production time and lower prices in a global market.

A Lean initiative:

  • Offers an 80% defect reduction.
  • Dramatically reduces the waste chain.
  • Reduces inventory and floor space requirements.
  • Creates more efficient production systems.
  • Develops key operational performance metrics.
  • Improves layouts for increased flexibility.

Our services include:

  • Lean Manufacturing Techniques

      Value Stream Mapping

      Setup Reduction

      Pull/Kanban Systems

      5S Workplace

      Cellular Manufacturing

  • Process Technology
  • Supply Chain Improvement